Péter P. Bodor

Sixty years ago, I was born in Arad as the second child in a Reformed Minister’s family.  I received my early schooling in the villages of Bánság and Körös and graduated high school in Arad, Transylvania.  My childhood was nurtured by the devout and faithful villagers as well as the master tradesmen and scholarly citizens of the city. I began my theological studies in Kolozsvár (Cluj -Transylvania).  In 1983 we arrived in the United States as political refugees. I completed my Master of Divinity degree in Ashland, Ohio and at Princeton, as well as receiving a degree in Engineering Science from The University of Michigan.

In April 1993, I joined my brother, Zoltán, in establishing a surgical instrument repair enterprise.  With the association of American business partners, it had developed into a company of more than 1,000 employees, which we sold to the STERIS Corporation five years ago.  Currently, I am working as an executive engineer in the administration of the company.

I have served as a minister since 1985 for more than 35 years: 10 years in Michigan as full-time pastor and volunteering 26 years as pastor of the Sarasota Hungarian Reformed mission.  My commitments encompass Hungarian church services, Hungarian community affairs, Sunday school, Hungarian mission and cultural events.  During the same time, I served as pastor in Miami as well for five years, also on a volunteer basis.  The opportunity to serve is truly a blessing.  In March 2019, I received the honor of the Golden Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit.

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This sector is for anyone, who is leading a Hungarian community in the United States, a member of such a community, or an expert in this area. During this Summit, they will learn about the collaboration of the Hungarian and American communities, and will get an insight of opportunities of grants and sponsorships.

We are offering this area to individuals and institution leaders, so they are able to gain knowledge of scholarships and student exchange programs. Hungarian and American leaders of higher education will be able to build relationships to aim for a collaboration in the near future. The goal is for both sides to learn about several grant opportunities and information.
The Hungarian Summit is for those professionals and start-up companies, who already started their businesses in the United States, or are planning to start one. As a business professional, you will be able to attend panel discussions and workshops, which are led by successful business owners and the area’s best experts.
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