Péter Szabó

Motivation Speaker

Tvrtko Vujity

Journalist, writer, public speaker, humanitarian activist.

Famous Hungarian Rock Band

Szonja Oroszlán


Péter Aranyosi

Hungarian stand-up comedian

Erika Marozsán


Gábor Herendi

Director and producer

Katalin Petreczky

Co-founder and co-president of AMIT, American-Hungarian School’s Association Inc.

Judit Regős

Founder of Parents’ House Hungary

Thomas Barat

Founder, President of American Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, and CCO of FIBRACO LLC, and Founder Editor in Chief of CCO Magazine, Journalist, Board Member of the Association of Foreign Correspondents in the USA

Mátyás Zaborszky

Author of the 6 Proven Steps to Attract Investors, Marketing & PR Strategic adviser, mentor, investor, entrepreneur, university lecturer

Tamás Hevesi

Singer and football coach


Dr. László Szabó was appointed Ambassador of Hungary to the United States

Zsolt Belánszky-Demkó

Deputy State Secretary for International Relations

Szabolcs Székely-Gyökössy

Péter P. Bodor

Allison Miller

Director of Community Partnerships for the Early Learning Coalition of Flagler and Volusia Counties (ELCFV). 

Andrea Lauer Rice

Recently elected the US President of the Diaspora Council 

Bob Moore

Vice President of Franchise Operations United Water Restoration Group (UWRG)  

Charlie Van Derven

Sales and Marketing professionals


M.B.A., C.B.A

DJ Lebo

Chief Executive Officer of The Early Learning Coalition of Flagler and Volusia Counties, Inc.

Donát Dékány

Budapest University of Technology and Economics - Federated Innovation and Knowledge Centre

Dr. David Weiss

Assistant Professor in the Management Department at New Jersey City University School of Business / Founder and Director of the Institute for Dispute Resolution (IDR) and the “Connecting Bridges and Borders Program

Dr. Judith Hornyak Bilsky

Executive Vice Chancellor and Acting Chancellor with the Florida Department of Education

Peter Gard

MSA, CPA Director of Accounting/Controller USF Federal Credit Union

Joanne Magley

Director of marketing and customer experience for Daytona Beach International Airport

Gábor Kocsis

Há Ltd., Founder and CEO

Miguel Abi-Hassan

Halifax Humane Society, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Katalin Szili

Prime Minister’s Commissioner, Former Speaker of the Hungarian National Assembly

Csaba Vester

Co-Founder, Co-Inventor and Co-Owner of FlatBox

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Judit Regos

Founder of parents’ house Hungary

Regős Judit_SZHA

She is a social policy expert and family counselor. Her work and methods are recognised as Best Practice by the Social Seeds – RaiSE Project and the Eurofound. She is also a winner of the Family Friendly Media Award in Hungary and was nominated for the Graham Maher International Award twice.

Thomas Barat
Thomas Barat is the Founder, President of American Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, and CCO of FIBRACO LLC, and Founder Editor in Chief of CCO Magazine, Journalist, Board Member of the Association of Foreign Correspondents in the USA
The New York-based American Hungarian Chamber of Commerce strives to be a bridge connecting the American and Hungarian business world with a view to establish and promote prosperous business and trade relationships. The AmHunCham’s goal is to make the American Hungarian business relationships successful wherever they are.

Main Functions of AmHunCham:
• operate to increase the member businesses’ success and efficiency by establishing business and social contacts between members;
• represent the member community by introducing their services, interests and presenting an informed opinion;
• provide market-specific data, materials, and reports to the member community with an emphasis on the two countries’ economic performance.

The AmHunCham is an independent, strictly neutral organization- with no affiliation to political parties and/or authorities – fostering the goal to develop and improve the members’ business relationships and increase their reputation. The members of the organization offer their services, products and business and investment opportunities to all fellow members. More:

Mátyás Zaborszky

Author of the 6 Proven Steps to Attract Investors, Marketing & PR Strategic adviser, mentor, investor, entrepreneur, university lecturer

He started his first business at the age of 18 and has been engaged in enterprises ever since. Matyas studied in Santa Barbara, and at the University of Hertfordshire, UK, and went on to work with the investment banker Salomon Smith Barney in Los Angeles. Following this he was instrumental in several US-based start-ups, becoming increasingly interested and adept in marketing. He gained over ten years of experience in Marketing and PR at major corporate levels, before developing a specialty in token-based offerings and advising many successful start-ups. In 2018 alone he was instrumental in helping raise some $50 million for new businesses. He is a crypto investor and commentator on new business modalities, and regularly speaks at international meet-ups and crypto conferences. In recent times he has changed his focus to helping support all new businesses, especially in how they raise investment. It is in this area in particular that he has isolated common issues to all new businesses, and which the processes he has developed yield very positive and powerful results. Matyas lives and breathes the entrepreneurial spirit, and is passionate about showing companies the pathway to success, through the application of logical and repeatable small steps, which in turn result in giant leaps. He is the author of 6 Proven Steps to Attract Investors, the invaluable guide which is now in its second edition. He is also a university lecturer and fintech coach, keen golfer, and frequent world traveller from his Florida base.

Zsolt Belánszky-Demkó 

Deputy State Secretary  for International Relations 

Zsolt Belánszky-Demkó is 45 years old, married, father of three, advanced speaker of English and Romanian languages. He graduated from Loránd Eötvös Science University in 2002 with MA in American Studies and MA in Political Studies, and pursued studies in the United States of America, as well. He worked as a journalist and editor at Interfax Russian news agency, as broadcast analyzer at the Hungarian National Radio, and participated in several communication projects.

He worked as Head of Department for Civil Society Relations at the Ministry of Public Administration and Justice from 2010 to 2012, and Head of Department for Public Consultation at the Ministry of Human Capacities from 2012 to 2014. He has been working at the Ministry of Agriculture since 2014, where he worked as Head of Department for International Relations for four years. In May 2018, he was appointed as Deputy State Secretary for International Relations.
Szabolcs Székely-Gyökössy
Szabolcs Székely-Gyökössy graduated as an economist from the Budapest University of Economics (KVIF) in 1998. Between 1998 and 2010 he was head of office at the Hungarian National Assembly. Then until 2012 he held the position of director of finances at the University of Physical Education in Budapest. Since 2012 he is the managing and finance director of the newly founded Hungarian Academy of Arts. He is supervising the economic development and investment management of this institution, including the signature development projects in the city of Budapest. For his excellence in his work for the Academy, he was awarded the Gold Cross of Merit of Hungary in 2014. He is married and has three children.

This sector is for anyone, who is leading a Hungarian community in the United States, a member of such a community, or an expert in this area. During this Summit, they will learn about the collaboration of the Hungarian and American communities, and will get an insight of opportunities of grants and sponsorships.

We are offering this area to individuals and institution leaders, so they are able to gain knowledge of scholarships and student exchange programs. Hungarian and American leaders of higher education will be able to build relationships to aim for a collaboration in the near future. The goal is for both sides to learn about several grant opportunities and information.
The Hungarian Summit is for those professionals and start-up companies, who already started their businesses in the United States, or are planning to start one. As a business professional, you will be able to attend panel discussions and workshops, which are led by successful business owners and the area’s best experts.
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