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Piros Pazaurek

creative producer of the Hungarian Summit

I believe we can all make a difference and have a positive impact on the world around us.

Living in Volusia County since 2011, I founded my marketing company in 2015, leveraging my 15+ years of international marketing experience with a roster of clients in both Florida and Europe, and then launched the non-profit HungarianHub to foster networking between innovative business and community leaders from Hungary and United States.

I represent the interests of the local Hungarian communities, strengthening commercial and economic relations between Hungary and the United States of America, and promoting cultural and academic relations including tourism, internships and student trips.

I was inagurated as Honorary Consul of Hungary in Daytona Beach, Central Florida in 2019.

Fanni Farkas

Chief in Protocol

I have been working as event organiser for 10 years. I studied communications and media studies and international relations at Corvinus University of Budapest, received a scholarship to SciencesPo in Paris. For a while, I worked as a journalist, then organised international tours for theatres and orchestras. In the last 8 years I have been working on corporate and protocol events for companies among others Pesti Vigadó, Századvég Foundation, Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade and István Széchenyi University of Győr. I graduated with summa cum laude as protocol counselor in 2019 at Ludovika. I am a protocol expert, I have a great experience in this field as I have been involved in great projects such as the Hungarian V4 Presidency side events or Budapest Balkan Forum. Currently, I am working for Express Innovation Agency on startup-based events and for Efott Kft., on Festivals and mass events. I am member of the National Association of Hungarian Protocol Experts (MPrOE).

Edit Dukai

Project manager

I grew up in Vojvodina, Serbia. After completing secondary school, I graduated from the University of Pécs with a bachelor's and master's degree. I am currently a PhD student at the Doctoral School of Earth Sciences. During my studies, my main area of interest was the career path of Hungarian young people from abroad. From the very beginning of the research, I considered it important to gain professional experience. From my own viewpoint, a higher education degree is not a goal, but a tool for the future! That’s why I’ve tried myself in several areas, and I can say that the fields of community building, talent management, and HR are absolutely close to me. (:

Dr. Judit Trunkos

Head of Education section

I am an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Robert Morris University. The courses I have taught are Introduction to International Relations, Comparative Politics, European Studies, The Conduct and Formulation of U.S. Foreign Policy, Soft Power in International Relations, American Government, Cyber Diplomacy, Introduction to Political Science and Social Science Methodology.  

As an International Relations scholar, I have been researching soft power, more specifically the various soft power instruments including sports, culture and education. I created a new soft power measurement method and a new dataset to evaluate all countries’ soft power use.  

Tóvári-Nagy Gábor

Head of the business section

Gabor has decades of experience in various senior management and leadership roles working for large global firms and working with small local businesses as well. He earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s degree on Business Administration with Finance Concentration.

Having managed, coached and grown people in fast paced, high stress multi-cultural environments in Europe, the United States and multiple countries in Latin America, Gabor is passionate about helping organizations create and maintain strong workplace culture that promotes employee wellbeing and high performance. He is an expert in supporting leaders as they achieve their vision of success and designing systems to make people and organizations more effective.

Gabor lives with his family in the USA and enjoys the high quality of life in Florida.

Zsuzsa Cajkas


I have been a Florida resident for over 25 years and am an active advocate for the Hungarian community in South Florida. As one of the founders of the South Florida Hungarian Kids Club, I have dedicated my time to fostering cultural pride and educational opportunities for Hungarian youth in the region.
I am also a co-founder of the Hungarian Chamber of Business and Commerce of Florida, that focuses on promoting economic growth and collaboration within the Hungarian business community in the Sunshine State.
I find it important to inspire those around me work on building a vibrant and thriving Hungarian presence in Florida.

Andrea Sipos

Registration Manager

The driving force of my life is human interaction and communication. I have been working in the field of HR for over 12 years now, where I've had the opportunity to assist hundreds of people in finding employment. Besides my profession, I also engage in theater performances and am working on establishing both traditional and children's theater.

I've always desired to connect with the American Hungarian community. Therefore, in 2020, I successfully joined the Hungarianhub team, where I was given the chance to initiate and execute the B-TERV project and the Unlimited Age program.

I take great pride in being part of the Hungarian Summit event series for the fourth year now. It's truly fulfilling to witness the expansion, diversity, and progress of the programs year after year.

Currently, I am contributing to the work of the Hungarian Summit from Hungary, and it brings me immense joy to be able to assist all our dear guests.

Eszter Zador

Cultural Programmes Manager

From athlete to artist, Eszter found her rhythm in the heart of NYC. Formerly a tennis player, she now orchestrates the magic behind the stage as a professional stage manager, bringing performances to life with precision and passion. Since 2021, Eszter has proudly called NYC home, immersing herself in its vibrant arts scene. She is thrilled to collaborate with HungarianHub and looks forward to the Hungarian Summit in Daytona Beach, connecting with fellow Hungarian creatives and thought leaders on a global scale.

Barbara Bonner

Hospitality manager

I started my hospitality career in Hungary at the age of 18 and followed me all the way to the United States, combining the years of experience to more than 15 years. While I left the hospitality industry to follow my childhood dream and become a teacher, the roots and the pleasure of doing hospitality related jobs have stayed. In 2000, I became a co-owner of a translation and interpretation company, EMBA Multinational & Training Services to help the Hungarian community with their official paperwork and notary needs. I am an ever learning student, somehow always end up back in college for a new degree.

Judit Szőllősi

Registration Manager

Before being appointed as the Marketing Manager of the Aba-Novak Agora Cultural Center in January 2019, I served as the County Sales Manager for 14 years at Mediaworks Hungary in the newspaper sector. Prior to that, I worked for 14 years as the Sales Manager at Hungary's first regional commercial private radio, Rádió 2000. I obtained a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a focus on sales management from Szolnok College. Currently, I am a graduating student at the University of Szeged, majoring in Cultural Community Organization at the undergraduate level, and I will begin my Master's degree program in September. Since 2022, I have been writing a cultural blog for the Hungarian Hub, where I share interesting content and the hobby photos of American photographer Franklin Ames to invite readers on short journeys. I thoroughly enjoyed the 2023 Summit in Budapest and am eagerly looking forward to this year's meeting as well!