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Variation 1: 

English: "[Organization's Name] is once again participating in the Hungarian Summit in Daytona Beach, Florida, from May 23rd to 24th, building relationships between the USA and Hungary in business, education, community, culture, and sports!" 

Hungarian: "Az [Szervezet Neve] idén is részt vesz a Hungarian Summit-on Daytona Beach-en, Floridában, május 23-24. között, az USA és Magyarország közötti kapcsolatok építésében az üzleti, oktatási, közösségi, kulturális és sport területeken!" 


Variation 2: 

English: "This year, I am proud to be a speaker at the Hungarian Summit! If you're interested in building bridges between the USA and Hungary in business, education, community, culture, and sports, then this event is for you!" 

Hungarian: "Idén büszkén veszek részt előadóként a Hungarian Summit-on! Ha érdekel, hogy hogyan lehet hidakat építeni az USA és Magyarország között az üzleti, oktatási, közösségi, kulturális és sport területeken, akkor neked is itt a helyed!" 


Variation 3: 

English: "Proud supporters/partners of the Hungarian Summit, we are excited to join this event once again, fostering collaboration and building connections between the USA and Hungary in various fields!" 

Hungarian: "A Hungarian Summit büszke támogatói/együttműködő partnerei vagyunk, és örömmel csatlakozunk idén is az eseményhez, hogy elősegítsük a kapcsolatok kialakítását az USA és Magyarország között különböző területeken!" 

HS 24'

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Event Recommendation: Hungarian Summit 2024 - Mark Your Calendars!
We're delighted to recommend the date for the largest Hungarian-American networking event in the U.S.! Join us on May 23-24, 2024, in sunny Daytona Beach, Florida, for an unforgettable experience with the esteemed Patron of the Event, Szabolcs Takács, Ambassador of Hungary to the US.
Here's what you can expect:
1. Business Track: Dive into the USA Market Entry & Bootcamp Opportunity. Gain insights, strategies, and connections for a successful entry into the dynamic US market. Plus, get ready for a special bootcamp before the summit to kickstart your journey.
2. Education Track: Explore Higher Education & Innovation. Engage in workshops, talks, and sessions focused on groundbreaking research and building stronger alumni connections for a brighter future.
3. Community Building: Unite and strengthen the Hungarian community in the United States. Forge lasting connections and contribute to our community's growth and well-being on foreign shores.
Stay tuned for speaker announcements, workshops, and special events that will inspire and rejuvenate you. Hungarian Summit 2024 isn't just an event; it's a celebration of excellence and a gathering of kindred spirits.
Spread the word, and let's make Hungarian Summit 2024 a remarkable chapter in our journey towards a brighter future!
Details: www.HungarianSummit.com
#HungarianSummit2024 #USMarketEntry #InnovationResearch #CommunityBuilding
HS 24'
The Hungarian Summit offers a unique opportunity to foster relationships and strengthen economic, educational, social, and cultural ties between the United States and Hungary. As a crucial platform for collaboration and growth, attending the Hungarian Summit provides invaluable networking opportunities, insightful discussions, and access to cutting-edge ideas.
The Education Track at the Hungarian Summit, scheduled for May 23-24th, offers a comprehensive program focused on higher education. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in panel discussions, presentations, and workshops covering topics such as the relationship between the economy and higher education, innovation, research and development collaborations, and alumni network functioning. 
We expect participation from at least 10 universities from Hungary and 10 universities from the US, ensuring a diverse and enriching exchange of ideas and perspectives.
🚀 Ready to conquer the US market? Join us at the Hungarian Summit 2024 Business Track! Learn from top American and Hungarian experts, connect with fellow entrepreneurs, and gain invaluable insights into succeeding in the Sunshine State. Plus, don't miss our U.S. Market Entry Bootcamp for a deeper dive into the intricacies of the market. Register now to secure your spot! HungarianSummit2024 USMarketEntry ConquerWithUs
  🌟 Calling all Hungarian businesses! Don't miss the opportunity to expand into the US market through Florida. Join us at the Hungarian Summit 2024 Business Track for two days packed with networking, expert insights, and success stories. And for those hungry for more, our U.S. Market Entry Bootcamp offers a five-day deep dive into US market dynamics. Let's make your US business dreams a reality – register today! HungarianBusiness USExpansion FloridaGateway 
💼 Hungarian entrepreneurs, are you ready for the next big step? Join us at the Hungarian Summit 2024 Business Track to learn from the best in the US market. From diplomatic experts to successful Hungarian businesses, we've got all the insights you need to succeed. And if you're serious about your US market entry, our U.S. Market Entry Bootcamp is a must-attend! Secure your place now and let's unlock your US business potential together. HungarianSuccess USMarketExperts UnlockOpportunities
A HungarianHub a 2022-es Hungarian Summit mintájára az Amerikai-Magyar Koalícióval közös szervezésben egy két napos gyakorlatias tudást biztosító “Community” szekciót hirdet.
The Community Track welcomes individuals and organizations interested in bolstering Hungarian Diaspora communities, locally and across the USA. Professionals, leaders, activists, and volunteers in the Hungarian Diaspora sector will find the Community Track particularly beneficial for acquiring practical skills, staying updated on trends, and networking with like-minded individuals.