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Bridging Cultures: Unveiling the Spectacular Lineup of the Hungarian Summit 2024

The Hungarian Summit has always had a special mission: to promote and showcase the rich cultural heritage of Hungary. Each year, we manage to bring exceptionally talented, world-class yet lesser-known performing artists to the stage, or provide them with opportunities to introduce their artistry, especially those with American connections. These artists are incredibly talented and humble, yet they enthusiastically support our event’s mission. This year, we’ve put together an incredible lineup. So, it’s up to you to decide if the above statements hold true!

Marosi László – Conductor, UNESCO Ambassador, Carnegie Hall, Jury of Liszt Concerts. If you take the time to read his biography and discover how many countries he has performed in, you’ll surely be impressed. He will share his experience on how culture can help promote Hungarian soft power.

Joe Fritz – Hungarian clarinetist Joe Fritz just arrived in the USA in March 2024. In 2012, he was ranked among the top 30 jazz clarinetists in the world. His discography includes 11 solo albums as a leader and 54 as a sideman. He will deliver a wonderful performance in the evening. We can’t wait to meet him.

Frank Ames – Occupation-wise, Frank is a Quality Inspection Consultant in the railcar industry. He has spent many years in Hungary, where he also found love and became an enthusiastic volunteer. We’ve been lucky to discover Frank’s talent as a photographer, and we regularly feature his photos on HungarianHub’s platforms. At the Hungarian Summit, as a sponsor, we proudly showcase his beautiful Hungarian images, generously donated to our Sports Scholarship auction!

Horváth Zita and the MHFolk Hungarian Heritage House – Did you know that Rockefeller’s summer residence is located near Daytona Beach? And that for over forty years, it has housed a Hungarian museum, as a collection of Mrs. Margit Horváth? Participants can admire some fantastic pieces of clothing at the Cocktail Party, organized by Zita, who nurtures Margit’s legacy together with her daughter.

Rob Anderson – Thanks to the Liszt Institute in New York, the audience will meet this extremely talented, Hungarian-born artist, who will engage every participant in an interactive art activity. Rob Anderson is a visual artist from Queens, New York City. Like a skilled improvisational musician, Rob looks at any space as an opportunity and ignites his audience’s innate connection to creativity with bold lines and shapes. His work is delightfully free and irreverently reverent. Sponsored by Liszt Institution. Spoiler alert: It’s the Year of Rubik!

Odd-O-Ts Entertainment – As a high-quality production company, Odd-O-Ts Entertainment offers a wide range of guest-appropriate, delightful entertainment for theme parks, performing arts centers, museums, festivals, and special events. Catering to the physical comedy lover in all of us, Odd-O-Ts’ Entertainment ensures you’ll leave with a smile. They work with Walt Disney, SeaWorld, and more. Timea is the co-owner of this agency. Find out more about all they have to offer!

We’re especially proud that Eszter Zador, a volunteer at HungarianHub, is coordinating the cultural program. By the way, she’s a Stage Manager in New York, you can even find her on Broadway! 🙂

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