We will try to give you short (official) answers to the most important questions that came up about the Hungarian Summit 2022, which will be held between May 12-14 in Daytona Beach, Florida.

❓Who are we expecting?
✔️Joyful, kind, well-intended people, who are helpful without any negative comments, advising how we could strengthen the relationship between the two countries and how we could improve this event.
✔️Patrons, who love Hungary and the USA!

❓Who are the guest speakers and why them?
✔️We are representing all-time Hungary and the United States of America. We invited these carefully chosen ambassadors of their profession, in hopes of them helping strengthen the economical, educational, cultural, and touristic relationship aspects between the two countries.
✔️Economical, educational, and other Professionals.
✔️Governmental Entities and Professional Organizations.

❓Why is the communication mainly in English?
Since the event is placed in America and our volunteer capacity is confined, it would be very time-consuming and expensive to have everything interpreted in both languages. The focus of this event is to introduce Hungary in the United States.

❓Who is financing this event?
The past 3 years, all of our activities were financed from private equity, even the Hungarian Summit in Budapest, in the Summer of 2020. This year’s event is financed from three resources: private equity, via sponsors, and through grants. This event is made by volunteers and their hard work.

❓Who are the organizers?
This event is assembled by a non-profit organization, the HungarianHub Inc. and based on 100% volunteer labor. The only exceptions are the professional areas, which we are not able to contribute on our own.

❓Why does the 2 Day conference cost this much?
The price of the tickets includes the meals, the room rental per individual, the organizational costs, the cost of the speakers’ expenses, liability insurance, the rental of tools and materials, the value of the event, and some of the future, saved fees for any other events, since we are planning for long term. If you have ever organized an event, we don’t even need to explain it to you.

❓What made us decide on these cultural programs?
Our essential purpose is to be able to provide high quality cultural programs for the American audience as well. Of course, we invited and introducing interesting speakers for the Hungarian audience and community also. These guests already have some sort of American background, they are able to offer an experience and motivation for the community, while strengthening their Hungarian national pride. All of our speakers are volunteers on the stage, no one is receiving royalty.
All of our cultural programs are free; however, we accept donations. Part of these donations are benefiting the Subcarpathian Hungarians and the local, American, Early Learning Coalition of Flagler and Volusia Counties organization.

❓Will there be food and drinks on Saturday?
Yes, there will be food trucks and other vendors. We are hoping that everyone will find their own favorite delicacy to purchase.

❓Is Saturday free for everyone?
All Hungarian Summit’s cultural events are free. MOAS may request an entry fee for part of the museum.

❓How many people are coming?
For the conference, we are expecting 150 participants. However; the open programs are for everyone on Saturday. Our previous, similar events held 1300 attendees.

❓Can you still become a volunteer?
Of course. For field and venue logistics we are in need for lots of volunteers. Please apply at our email:
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